EH 48 A 20


General Works

Libro de la Caza de la Divinidad.

Copied by Semuel Abaz George in Amsterdam, in 1731.

Libro de la Casa de la Divindad is an early 17th-century kabbalistic treatise on the existence of angels and spirits, by Abraham Cohen de Herrera (ca. 1570 – ca. 1635). Originally written in Spanish, the work was translated into Hebrew by Isaac Aboab da Fonseca in 1665, after Herrera’s death, and published with the title Beit Elohim. In 1677, the work was partially translated to Latin and published in Knorr von Rosenroth’s Kabbala Desnudata.


p. III : Title: Libro de la Caza de la Divinidad, compuesto por el Eminente señor H[aham] Ribi Abraham Cohen de Herrera ע“ה/ Escrito por my Semuel Abaz George em Amsterdam/ A[ñ]o 5491.

p. 4-33: Libro Primero de la Caza de la Divinidad de Abraham Cohen de Herrera.

p. 34-79: Libro Segundo …

p. 80-125: Libro Tercero …

p. 126-157: Libro Quarto …

p. 158-216: Libro Quinto …

p. 217-294: Libro Sexto …

p. 294-347: Libro Septimo …

Abraham Cohen de Herrera, also known as Alonso Nuñez de Herrera or Abraham Irira, was a religious philosopher and kabbalist. He is supposed to have been descended from a Marrano family. His place of birth is unknown, but (according to Barbosa Machado) may have been Lisbon, Portugal.
Cf. EH 48 A 16. Kayserling, Bibliotheca, p. 52.

Spanish / Paper / 29,9 x 19,5 cm. / [2]+347 ff. / Current writing / Title written in ruled frame / Text written in penciled frame with running title on top and catchwords at the bottom of each page.

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.