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    Spanish and North-African Rite

    Hebrew and Spanish collection of prayers and benedictions

    Hebrew and Spanish collection of prayers and benedictions, written for Isaac ben Matatiah Aboab by Benjamin Senior Godines, Amsterdam 1684.

    Title I (Hebrew side:) / כך יברך גבר ירא ה‘ / סדר ברכות / Orden de Benediciones / y las ocaziones en que se deven / dezir / Añadidas ya Cresentadas / en muchas Cosas de todas / Las presedentes yn / prenciones / En Amsterdam ano 5444 / במצות יצחק בן מתתיה אבוהב יצ″ו / בחדש אב על ידי בנימין שניאור.

    Title II (Spanish Side): Assy bendizira / el temiente del / Señor / Por Orden del Sr. Ishack de Matatia / Aboab, יצ″ו, / en Amsterdam Año 5444.


    Hebrew part: p. 1: Title.

    p. 2: blank.

    p. 1-11: Spanish preface.

    p. 12, 9, 10: blank.

    p. 13-204: Hebrew prayers and benedictions.

    p. 1-8: Index of Hebrew prayers.

    Spanish part: p. 1: Title.

    p. 2-4: blank.

    p. 1-301: Spanish translation of the Hebrew text.

    p. 1-12: Index.

    From this manuscript the printed edition in Hebrew and Spanish Orden de Benediciones, Amsterdam, ex officina Albertus Magnus, 1687, has been prepared by Benjamin Senior Godines. Godines states this in his Portuguese and Hebrew preface which directly follows the titlepage of the printed edition. The manuscript belongs to the many manuscripts which were written by Godines for Isaac de Matatiah Aboab. Cf. also nrs. 119, 145 et passim and I.S. Révah, Pour l’histoire des “Nouveaux-Chrétiens” portugais: la relation généalogique d’I. de M. Aboab. In: Boletim internacional de bibliografia luso-brasileira, II, Lisbon 1961, p. 276 sqq.

    Hebrew and Spanish / Paper / 12,4 x 8,8 cm. / Hebrew part [2] + 204 + [10] pp. / Spanish part [4] + 130 + [12] pp. (first 5 and last 2ll. blank) / Spanish part of the book begins at the front of the book, Hebrew part at the back / Hebrew part 16, Spanish part 17 lines to a page / Skilled Sephardic cursive writing with square headings and neat italic writing / First title written in drawn decorated frame partly in unvocalised square characters / Catchwords at the bottom of each page / On the back flyleaf some annotations in a later Sephardic cursive hand.

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