• EH 48 A 11



    Collection of theological and polemical treatises.

    By Moses Raphael d’Aguilar (d. 1679), late 17th century copy.


    f. 1r-30v: ‘Tratado da immortalidade da alma’.

    f. 31r-38v: Short explanation of Isaiah LIII.

    f. 39r-42v: Explanation of Isaiah IX, 5-6.

    f. 43r-47r: Answer to a theological question of Isaac Orobio de Castro.

    f. 48r-54v: Theological question by the academy of Venice and answer.

    f. 55r-57r: Question of Isaac Orobio de Castro and answer.

    f. 57v-59v: Treatise on the significance of the Hebrew characters.

    f. 60r-61v: Explanation of Psalm II.

    f. 66r-67r, 78v, 163v, 165v, 166, 177, 211v, 212, 226, 230, 327, 328v: blank.

    f. 68: Short discourse for the author’s brother Daniel.

    f. 69r-70r: Question and answer.

    f. 70v-72r: Short treatise against the doctrine of Calvin.

    f. 72v-77v: Critical remarks on the book Obrigação dos coraçõens by Bahyah ibn

    Paquda, translation from the Hebrew into Portuguese by Semual Abaz

    (appeared in Amsterdam, 1670).

    f. 78r: Title of Spanish treatise on rhetoric:

    Tratado de la Retorica dividado en ocho libros. / que coligy de los megores

    autores griegos y latinos / y compuze en lengua castellana para

    aprovechamien / to de nuestros estudiantes.

    f. 79r-163r: Text.

    f. 164r-165r: Index.

    f. 167r-176v: Spanish treatise on logics.

    f. 178r-196r: Portuguese treatise against Uriel da Costa’s Propostas contra a

    tradição. Signed at the end: ‘Amsteldam, 5 de Adar anno 5499’ (=1639).

    f. 196v-201v: Portuguese treatise on the figurative arts, whether they are


    f. 202r-211r: 2 Portuguese halakhic responsa.

    f. 213r-225r: Portuguese answer to questions sent from Bayonne, signed: ‘Feito em

    Amsterdam a 28 de Hesvan do ano 5425’ (=1664).

    f. 225v: Answer to the former by Manoel Isidro.

    f. 227r-229v: Portuguese answer to an anonymous protestant minister.

    f. 231r-256v: Portuguese answer to a treatise sent from France on four principal

    questions of the Jewish and Christian religion.

    f. 257r-296r: Portuguese homily.

    f. 298v-326v: Portuguese abstracts from Sixtus Senenis’ book Bibliotheca sacra.

    f. 328r: Title of Portuguese treatise on logics: Epitome ou compendio / da Logica. Coligida dos ma / is graves autores Gregos e / latinos, que compus em / lingua Portugueza pa / ra hum curioso e estud / ozo discipulo que carecia / da notiçia das dittas Lin / guas e sciencias.

    f. 329r-383v: Text. At the end of the chapters some drawn decorations.

    f. 384r-420v: Spanish abstracts from Saul Levi Morteira’s Providencia de Dios.

    f. 421r-432r: Portuguese explanation of Isaiah LIII with caption: ‘Explicasão do

    Cap. 53 de Jesaias feita no Brasil’ (the author lived in Brazil from 1642-1654).

    f. 432v-480v: Collection of Portuguese biblical exegeses by pupils of the author,

    delivered in the Sephardic synagoguein Amsterdam on Sabath afternoons,


    f. 481r-484v: Portuguese question of Ishac da Silva of Antwerp and answer.

    On the author cf. Da Silva Rosa, Geschiedenis; GJN p. 201 sqq.

    Belonged to the collection of Ets Haim Library at the end of the 19th century.

    Portuguese, Spanish and some Hebrew quotations / Paper / 31,7 x 20,4 cm. / [484] ff. (in the beginning some original pagination and signatures at the bottom of the pp. / Variety of lines to a page / Three different current Iberian hands and some Sephardic cursive writing / No title for the whole work / Text written in pencilled frame of variable length and width / Catchwords at the end of each page / 18th century leather binding, with title pasted upon the spine: ‘Tratado del immortalidade del alma’ / Some treatises are signed at the end: ‘Mosseh Rephael d’Aguilar’.

    Fuks 423