• EH 48 A 13-15


    Against Christianity

    Polemical work by Joseph de David Lopez

    Dedicated to Abraham de Joseph da Veyga and Hannah da Veyga, started in Amsterdam, 1709 and finished in 1739.

    El Mantenedor / Dedicado a los muy Magnifficos / el S. Abraham de Josseph da Veyga / y su Muy felise Consorte la Sa doña / Hanah da Veyga. / Por / Josseph Lopez / Enpesado / en 1 Hesvan de / 5469. / Y finido en 4. Sivan / 5489.

    Vol. I and III start with a ‘Prologo al Lector’, in Vol. I the Prologo is preceded by a dedication to Abraham and Hannah da Veyga.

    Belonged to the collection of Ets Haim Library at the end of the 19th century.

    The first dedication is signed: ‘Josseph de David Lopez’. At the end of vol. III on p. 630 is written: ‘Esta obra compassada / Lector mio, que aqui ves, / Defendiendose ossada / parto de mi ingenio es, / Solo por mi enpessada / Solo por mi, acabada, Josseph de David Lopez / en 20 del Homer Ano 5497 [=1737] Amsterdam’.

    Spanish / Paper / 30,2 x 19,4 cm. / 3 vols. I: [16] + 549 pp., II: pp. 126-630 (first 125 pp. missing), III: [2] + 352 + [6] ff., 5 blank ll. + 246 pp. / Variety of lines to a page / Current Iberian hand (autograph) / Title I and III written in drawn and coloured frame, dedications and beginnings chapters in drawn and coloured ornaments, coloured flower on the verso of title I. 19th century half-linen bindings.

    Fuks 210