• EH 48 B 09


    Commentaries and Notes

    Proverbios de Selomoh

    Commentary on the Proverbs by Solomon Saruco, The Hague 1766.

    Proverbios de Selomoh / comentado / Por Selomoh Saruco / Hazan e More Din / de K.K. Honen Dal Na Haya / Anno 5526.


    p. [1]: Title page.

    p. [3-7]: Preface.

    p. 1-778: Text.

    In the preface, Saruco explains that the purpose of this work was to present a Portuguese paraphrase of the Book of Proverbs in order to make King Solomon’s teachings more accessible to those who do not know Hebrew.

    For the author cf. EH 48 B 10.

    Presented by Moseh Henriques Pimentel of The Hague in 1902.

    Portuguese / Paper / 25,6 x 20,6 cm. / [12] + 778 pp. (last 3 ll. blank) / 21 lines to a page / Current 18th century writing (autograph) / Catchwords at the bottom of each page / Title written in decorated frame of cut-out engravings pasted upon the page and coloured by hand / Contemporary leather binding.

    Fuks 10. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.