• EH 48 B 14


    Polemical Disputations

    Dialogos Theologicos. Polemical discourse composed in verse by Abraham Gomes Silveyra.

    Dialogos Theologicos/ en versos jocoserios, para deleitar/ aprovechando/ Interlocutores/ un sabio Ministro Reformado, presidente/ un Doctor Catholico Apostolico Romano/ Un Turco Mahometano Herudito/ Un Judio desapasionado,/ Autor A.G.S.

    Polemical discourse, composed in verse by Abraham Gomes Silveyra. Amsterdam, about 1680.

    A theological debate between a Calvinist minister, a Catholic scholar, a learned Turkish Muslim, and a Jew. The author was a Spanish Jewish poet, who was active in Amsterdam and Antwerp at the beginning of the 18th century.

    Spanish / Paper / 28,2 x 22,1 cm. / [1]+338 ff. (first 3 and last 4 ll. blank) / Current Iberian writing of the 17th century (autogr.) / Title written in drawn frame with a crown on top, and with caption ‘Soly Deo Gloria Sylveyradas’.

    Fuks 246. Kaplan 133.