• EH 48 B 16


    Against Christianity

    Providencia de Dios con Israel. Polemical treatise by Saul Levi Morteira in Spanish.

    Providencia/ de Dios con/ Ysrael/ Eternidad de la Ley de Mosseh/ y nullidad de las de mas Leyes que se/ atribuy en divinidad/ en Amsterdam/ Compuesto por el muy docto/ senor H.H. Saul Levy Morteira/ â loor de Dios Bendito/ 5479.

    Polemical treatise by Saul Levi Morteira in Spanish. Written by Michael Lopez. Amsterdam, 1719.

    Spanish / Paper / 28,4 x 21,9 cm. / 407+[8] ff. / Skilled printed writing / Title written in drawn and coloured frame with caption ‘Por Michael Lopez escrito’. Title page drawn in ink and colour depicting the façade of a building supported by four Corinthian marble pillars with two small gables above them. Between the gables an angel writing in an open tablet. Between the pillars five female figures symbolizing the five virtues. At the bottom, a mortar and pestle. The titles of the chapters are adorned with coloured flowers and other figurative drawings. The initials of each chapter are in gold on a background of coloured miniature. Also contains a Spanish poem ‘A la divinidad de la Ley de Mosseh’, which can be found in several other polemical works, sometimes with a different ending.

    Fuks 208. Kaplan 179.