• EH 48 B 17


    Against Christianity

    Libro quarto El Juez de las controversias

    Polemical treatise by Abraham Gomes Silveyra. Amsterdam, 1700.

    Libro quarto / El Juez de las controversias / Donde se manifesta el Juez de la / verdad. / Y se halla la sentencia verdadera. / Silveyradas. / Contra todo el malo, en fabor de / Todo lo bueno. / Compuestas Por A.G.S. / Año 1700.


    f. [lr]: Title.

    f. [1v], [2v], [3v], 246v: blank.

    f. [3r]: Index of chapters.

    f. 1r: Preface.

    f. 2r-196v: Text in prose.

    f. 197r-218v: Rest text in verse.

    f. 219r-240r: Theological treatise in verse.

    f. 240v-241r: Declaration of the author.

    f. 241r-246r: Decimas, written during an illness of the author.

    In his first chapter the author states, that he was inspired to write the work by reading the works of the protestant scholars Isaac Jacquelot and Pierre du Moulin. The decimas at the end are identical with those in another of his works Dialogos theologicos, EH 48 B 14

    The author was a well-known poet and apologist in Amsterdam at the end of the 17th century. Some other apologetical and poetical works of his exist in ms. cf. Kayserling, Biblioteca, pp. 102, 103 and A. Marx, Polemical mss., nr. 68.

    On f. [2r] inscription of the author: ‘Este libro es de Letra de su Autor y esta mesorado de otra copia que de su mano ha salido’.

    Belonged to the collection of David Montezinos.

    Spanish / Paper / 28,6 x 21,9 cm. / [3] + 246 ff. (first and last 3 ll. blank) / 22-24 lines to a page / Neat current Iberian writing (autograph) with square Hebrew quotation at the end of the text / Catchwords at the end of each page / Contemporary gold-tooled leather binding.

    Fuks 200