• EH 48 C 24


    Against Christianity

    Polemical treatise by Isaac Naar, written by Moses de Chaves. Amsterdam, 1709

    Discurso del / S[eño]r y doctissimo / H.H. / Ribi / Yshac Naar / de G[lorios]a M[emoria]. / Lo escrivio Moseh de Chaves ao 5469.

    In another manuscript in this collection the same text, copied in 1719 (EH 47 C 7) bears as title: “Discurso del sr. … Ishac Naar en que se muestra, que los fundamentos de la Christiandad, ymplica a la razon natural y la SS y que solamente los Judios pueden dar verdadero testimonio de Dios.”

    Belonged to the collection of David Montezinos.

    Spanish / Paper / 23,1 x 18,4 cm. / [2] + 46 pp. (last 3 ff. blank) / 28 lines to a page / Neat Iberian writing with some square Hebrew quotations / Title written in drawn decorated frame / Catchwords at the bottom of each page / Contemporary vellum binding / On the first flyleaf a notice on the content of the works is written by David Montezinos.

    Fuks 204