• EH 48 D 35


    Spanish and North-African Rite
    Sidur and Mahzor

    Ordre van het Joodse Gebeth.

    Dutch translation of Hebrew prayers by Michael Lopez Pinto. Amsterdam, 1736.

    Ordre / van het Joodse Gebeth / Overgeset / uyt den Hebreusche / In NederDuysche (sic!) / geschreven in Amsterdam door / Michael Lopez Pinto Ano 5496 / AE [tate] 73.


    f. [1r]: Title.

    f. [1v]: blank.

    f. 1r-142r: Text daily prayers.

    f. 142-144r: Index.

    1 blank leaf

    f. 145r: Title II: Gebedt / van den / Feest / Daeghen.

    f. 145v-180r: Text festival prayers.

    Belonged to the collection of David Montezinos.

    Dutch / Paper / 18,9 x 14,7 cm. / [1]+ 180 ff. (last l. blank) / 13 lines to a page / Skilled Italic writing / 2 titles written in engraved frames cut out and pasted upon the pages / Running titles on top of each page / Catchwords at the end of each folium.

    Fuks 92