• EH 48 E 19



    Collectaneous writings, copied by B. Senior Godines for Isaac b. Matatiah Aboab

    Amsterdam, 1682.

    Compendia / de diferentes materias / dignas de se lerem para / ter as noticias do que ellas / contem / que sao as que parece de Taboada / que segue. / Anno 5442 /

    במצות יצחק בן מתתרה אבוהב יצן על ידי הצעיר בשביראר.


    f. [1r-2v]: Some beginnings of Bible verses.

    f. [3r] Title.

    f. [3v] , 1v, 29v, 43v, [2v], [3r], [5v]: blank.

    f. 1r: Index.

    f. 2r-8r: List of Bible verses to demonstrate the eternity of the people of Israel.

    f. 8v-9r: The 7 commandments of Noah.

    f. 9v-10v: The articles of faith of Moses Maimonides.

    f. 11r-24v: Arguments against Christian dogmata and enumeration of contradictions in the Gospels.

    f. 25r-26v: Spanish polemical poem against Christianity, inc.: ‘Si es de las cauzas cauza y primero’, exc.: ‘Ymagen de palo que Laboran’.

    f. 26v-29r: Some polemical observations.

    f. 30r-34r: Astrological annotations.

    f. 35: The costs of the building of the Sephardic synagogue of Amsterdam, 1675.

    f. 36r-38r: Ethical precepts of Isaac de Matatiah Aboab for his nephew dated Amsterdam, 10 Sivan 5437 (1677).

    f. 38r-43r: Portuguese translation of several Hebrew prayers; bound in between: Printed book Mikra’e kodesh by Solomon d’Oliveira. Amsterdam, 1660.

    f. [1r-2r]: List of prayers to be said on different days.

    f. [3v-5r]: Hebrew list of prayers to be recited on several occasions.

    For the owner cf. EH 48 D 09.

    For the poem composed by Moses Belmonte, cf. mss EH 48 B 16, EH 49 B 3.

    Portuguese and some Spanish and Hebrew / Paper / 12,1 x 8,6 cm. / [3] + 43 + [5] ff. / Variety of lines to a page / Neat italic and rabbinic cursive and square writing / Catchwords at the bottom of each page.

    Fuks 417