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    Short treatise on medicine by Abraham Zacuto

    Tratado/ sobre Medecina que/ fez o Doutor Zacuto/ para seu filho levar consigo/ quando se foy para o Brazil./ Disposto e Copeado/ por hordem de/ Ishack de Matatia Aboab./ Anno 5450/ Escrito por B. Godines.

    Short treatise on medicine by Abraham Zacuto for his son to take with him to Brazil, and some other treatises, copied for Isaac Matatiah Aboab by Benjamin Senior Godines. Amsterdam, 1690.

    Instructions for treating diseases and pains. The author, a scion of a well-known Marrano family, was a distinguished physician on the Iberian peninsula. He settled in Amsterdam in 1625 and openly returned to Judaism. He died in 1642, leaving a legacy of numerous medical works.

    Portuguese / Paper / 15,3 x 9,7 cm. / 116 pp. (partly paginated, last 11 ll. blank) / Skilled italic writing / Title written in drawn decorative frame.

    Fuks 337. Kaplan 173.