• EH 49 B 26 01-03


    Registers and Records
    Records of Births, Circumcisions, Marriages and Deaths

    Register of circumcisions by the Mohel of the Sephardi community, Jacob ben David Blanes

    Amsterdam?, 1913-1943.

    Bound together with two printed works:

    I. ספר ברית יצחק by Shlomo Levi Maduro. Published by Daniel Lopes Cardozo,

    Amsterdam 1875, third ed., with vocalization by David ben Refael Montezinos.

    II. ספר חנכת הבית by David Hofshi [=David Franco Mendes]. Published by Daniel

    Lopes Cardozo, Amsterdam 1875.

    In a pocket, against the inside of the back cover are four folded-up pieces of paper, with handwriting in Dutch and Hebrew.

    Dutch, with some Hebrew / Paper / 17,8 x 11,5 cm. / 22 + [4] ff. / Ruled paper of 22 lines to a page / Current, and square and cursive Hebrew writing / Title written in drawn, red ornamental frame.