EH 47 B 07


Belles Lettres

Hebrew translation of the libretto of the oratorio Esther by Jacob Raphael Saraval and the story of Judith, copied by David Franco Mendes. Amsterdam ab. 1780

Part I, title 1: מחברת / תשועת שיראל / על ידי אסתר
Part I, title 2: Ester / In Oratorio, o Sacra / Dramma / per muzica dal Sr Handel /
תשועת יש[ראל] על ידי אסתר / לשורר על פי נגון בשמחה / בקולות בעימות :/ חברו הישיש ובשוא פבים כבוד מוהר″ר סראוול / א‘ מהז‘ רבנים הכוללים ראשי ישיבה בויניציאה:
Part II, title: 'בספרו חמדת ימיםו חלק א ב מעשה יה רית כ

Though the name of the copyist is not stated, there can be no doubt that the copy was made by David Franco Mendes. He also made another copy of this work, which reposes in this collection, see EH 47 A 29.

Belonged to the collection of Ets Haim Library at the end of the 19th century.

Hebrew with Italic headings / Paper / 20,7 x 13,3 cm. / 2 parts, I: [18], II: [26] pages / I written in vocalised Sephardic cursive and current writing, II in unvocalised Sephardic cursive with square headings / I has two titles, the first in unvocalised square writing and the second in Sephardic cursive and current writing, written in an engraved frame signed by B. Piquart, 1712 / The text of II is written in a frame ruled in red ink, of 14,8 x 8,1 cm.

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