EH 47 C 06



Several kabbalistic treatises, probably Italy, late 16th century

התחלה החכמה האלקי כפי דרך האר″י.


f. 1r-35r: Hathalat ha-Hokhmah ha-Elokit.

f. 36r-38v: Several kabalistic annotations.

f. 39r-98v: Yonat Elem by Menahem Asariah of Fano (100 chapters).

f. 99r-121v: Kabalistic annotations by Moses Basola of Livorno.

f. 122r-130v: Sha’ar ha-Milu’im by Isaac ben Solomon Luria.

f. 131: blank.

f. 32r-138r: Birkat ha-Levanah, the blessing of the new moon.

f. 13 v-141r: Seder ha-Atzilut by Isaac ben Solomon Luria written down by his pupil Simon Ashkenazi.

f. 141v-151v: Commentaries and homily with annotations in the margins.

f. 152r-207r: Sefer Limude Atzilut by Israel Baruch with later commentaries in the margins.

f. 207v-214v: Kabalistic treatise.

f. 215r-246v: Kabalistic annotations.

The first treatise was printed for the first time in Amsterdam in 1652 as Sefer Ma’ayan ha-Hokhmah; the second treatise was published in Sefer Asarah Ma’amarot (Amsterdam, 1648).

Belonged to the collection of David Montezinos.

Hebrew / Paper / 19,3 x 16,1 cm. / [246] ff. / Variety of lines to a page / Ashkenazic cursive writing / Title written on top of f. 1r / Some catchwords at the bottom of the pages.

Fuks 117