EH 47 C 08


Belles Lettres

Poetry and riddles by Jacob Vita Israel and others.

קצת / מחברות / יעקב חי ישראל יצ″ו, copied by David Franco Mendes. Amsterdam, 1774.


f. 1v, 3v, 4v, 5v, 6v, 10v, 17r, 19r, 20v, 63v-70r, 72v: blank.

f. 1r: Title.

f. 2v-3r: Laudatory poem for Jacob Vita Israel by David Franco Mendes.

f. 4r-20v: Telunot Bene Adam by Jacob Vita Israel with annotations.

f. 21r: Laudatory poem for the learned men who meet once weekly in the house of Jacob Abn Yakar, being David Ximenes Pereira, Jacob Vita Israel, Samuel Baruch and David Franco Mendes.

f. 21v-22r: Poem by Horatius in French version with Hebrew translation.

f. 22v-25v: Epitaphs for and elegies on the death of Jacob Vita Israel’s children.

f. 26r: Poem in memory of Isaac Jesurun, member of the pious society Mikra Kodesh.

f. 26v, 28v, 53v, 60r-61v, 63r: Anonymous Hebrew poems.

f. 27r-28r: Poem in honour of Joseph Suasso de Lima by Jacob Vita Israel, 1766.

f. 29r-31v: Nuptial poem for Isaac ben Aaron Vita Israel and Rebeccah, daughter of Elisha Rossi.

f. 32r-33v: Anonymous nuptial poem.

f. 34r-37v: Nuptial poem for Isaac ben Raphael de Palacios and Sarah, daughter of Benjamin Raphael Dias Brandon, by Jacob Vita Israel, 1771. Between f. 37 and 38 a printed poem in honour of Solomon Salem, the new Sephardic rabbi of Amsterdam, by Jacob Vita Israel is inserted, dated 1762.

Between f. 37 and 38: printed poem in honour of Solomon Salem, new Sephardi rabbi of Amsterdam, by Jacob Vita Israel, dated 1762.

p. 42: Some verses in Spanish and Italian.

f. 38r-50r: Several poems by Jacob Vita Israel.

f. 51r-53r: Poem in honour of Prince William V of Orange, by the same, 1766.

f. 54: Two Dutch sonnets by Diego Ximenes Pereira.

f. 55r: Dutch translation of a Hebrew sonnet of Jacob Vita Israel, by Samuel Abraham Benavente.

f. 55v: Dutch translation of a Hebrew sonnet of the same by A. Coronel.

f. 56r-58r: Anonymous Hebrew poem with Italian translation.

f. 58v: Latin poem ascribed to Cicero, with Portuguese translation.

f. 59: Latin poem ascribed to Cicero with Portuguese translation.

f. 60: Some verses in Portuguese with Hebrew translation.

f. 62r: Laudatory poem for Naphtali Herz Wessely by Jacob Vita Israel.

f. 70v-72r: Mathematical annotations in Portuguese.

Hebrew, Dutch, French and Portuguese / Paper / 18,1 x 12,6 cm. / [72] ff. / Variety of lines to a page / Sephardic vocalised cursive writing with square headings and current writing / Title in square characters, written in engraved frame signed by B. Piquart, 1712 / Catchwords at the bottom of each page.

Fuks 269. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.