EH 47 C 32


Ethics, Tales and Legends

Sefer Derekh ha-Shem

ספר / דרך ה‘ / להרב משה חיים לוצאטו.

Ethical and kabbalistic treatise by Moses Hayim Luzzatto, 18th century copy.

At the end a list of works of the author and an abstract of the third part is added in a different later hand.

Published in Amsterdam from this manuscript by A.L. Spiero in 1896.

Belonged to the collection of David Montezinos.

Hebrew / Paper / 17,9 x 12,2 cm. / 108 ff. / 17 lines to a page / Sephardic cursive writing, with square headings / Title and preceding verso-side of flyleaf, decorated with drawn floral decorations / Catchwords at the bottom of each page.

Fuks 162