EH 47 C 37


Philosophy and Theology

Mahberet Bi’at ha-Mashiah. Oratorium by David Franco Mendes.

[מחברת/ ביאת המשיח. [מאת דוד פראנקו מינדיס, אמשטרדם, תקל″א.]

Mahberet Bi’at ha-Mashiah; oratorium by David Franco Mendes. Amsterdam, 1771.

“This work includes most of the events foretold in connection with the coming of the Messianic Age… I intended it to be recited to music…”

Hebrew / Paper / 19,9 x 12,1 cm. / [19] ff. / Sephardic cursive and vocalised writing, with some Italian headings in current writing (autogr.) / Text written in frame ruled in red ink / Title written in engraved frame by B. Piquart, dated 1712.

Fuks 179. Kaplan 156.