EH 47 C 44


Histories and Chronicles

Sefer Emet ve-Yatziv.

ספר / אמת ויציב / הוא ויכוח אמיתי גנוז הוא אתי מודיע אמת באמונה קריאה נאמנה צדק / ילין בה ובקרבה ישים אור בה אף כי סכיריה בקרבה תוציא ממסגר / אסיר ... [פרשת החרמתם של 21 מבני הקהילה הספרדית בקורסאו בשנת 1745.]

Chronicle of a conflict in the Sephardic congregation of Curação by David Aboab, written in Curação, 1745.

Belonged to the collection of David Montezinos.

Contains a Portuguese letter written by Samuel Mendes de Solla to the Parnassim and Gabay from the Kahal Kadosh of Mikve Israel synagogue, in Curaçao, proposing his resignation from the position of Haham because of the approbation of an Ashkamah related to the validity of the branches of the lulav used in the synagogue. Solla mentions the opinion given by the Haham Raphael Jesurun, former Haham of the Mikve Israel congregation, about that question. [1752] (p. 13-14)

About the case of the lulav, Evelyne Oliel-Grausz explains: “a selection of twigs, among which those challenged by the Curaçaon hakham, was shipped to be examined by the Amsterdam hakhamim and submitted to a rabbinical court comprising Isaac Abendana de Britto, Semuel Acatan, and Abraham de Jacob de Meza. The court’s decision offers a classification of the branches, thus ruling out the invalid species; in order to eliminate any doubts as to the meaning of their decision, the hakhamim shipped the valid specimens back to Curaçao. However the decision did not put an end to the contention, since some persisted in using the forbidden species for Sukkot.” (Evelyne Oliel-Grausz, “Patrocinio and authority: assessing the metropolitan role of the Portuguese Nation of Amsterdam in the Eighteenth Century”, in The Dutch Intersection: The Jews and the Netherlands in Modern History, ed. Yosef Kaplan, Leiden, Brill, 2008, p. 162.)

David Aboab was an Italian talmudist who had arrived on Curaçao from Jamaica as teacher-rabby. After a clash with the Hahamim Raphael Jessurun and Samuel Mendes de Sola, he was excommunicated in 1746. Later, he left Curaçao and went to Amsterdam, taking a manuscript about the events in Curaçao, in which he blamed Sola for the conflict. The Parnassim of Curaçao were informed of it and requested the Amsterdam Parnassim to force Aboab to sign a statement withdrawing his charges against Sola.

Hebrew text with a part in Portuguese / Paper / 21,7 x 13,8 cm. / [24] ff. (last 6 ll. blank) / 30-31 lines to a page / Sephardic cursive writing with square headings and current writing (autograph) / Catchwords at the bottom of each page / No binding.

Fuks 349. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.