EH 47 D 20



Collection of astronomical, philosophical and mystical treatises.

[לקט העתקים מחכמת התכונה, הקבלה והפילוסופיה]

Collection of astronomical, philosophical and mystical treatises. Italy, 15th century.

I: f. 1v: Astronomical table with Hebrew and Latin annotations in the margin and Latin title: Teguna Rabi Simeo d planeti.

II: Chronological treatise by Jacob ben David ben Yomtov Po’el Boneto (Francem 14th century) with annotations in the margin, the pertaining tables on f. 82r-103v.

III: Commentary on the former treatise and tables by Benjamin of Montelcino (Florence, 15th century).

IV: f. 12r-14r: Astronomical treatise and geographical list.

f. 14v-18v: Abstracts from Sefer Ba’al ha-Kenafayim by Emanuel ben Jacob of Tarascon.

V: f. 19r-20v:  List of risings and settings of the moon.

VI: f. 26r-28r: Shesh Kenafayim, astronomical treatise by Emanuel ben Jacob of Tarascon.

VII: f. 29r-30v, 31v-33v, 65r-67v, 71, 77r-80v: Commentaries on Shesh Kenafayim.

VIII: f. 35r-57r, 104: Astronomical tables pertaining to Shesh kenafayim.

IX: f. 58v-64v, 69v-70v, 82r-103v: Astronomical tables.

X: f. 70v: Short commentary on Shesh kenafayim by Mordekhay Finzi.

XI: f. 72v-73v: Annotations.

XII: f. 114r-119r: Sefer Kele Nehoshet, treatise on the astrolabe by Abraham Ibn Ezra.

XIII: f. 119v-120v: Annotations on Sefer ha-Moledot of Abraham Ibn Ezra by Emanuel ben Jacob of Tarascon.

XIV: f. 121r-128v: Goralot, astrological tables, f. 124,125 in different handwriting.

XV: f. 130r-139v: Astronomical treatise with tables.

XVI: f. 140r-161v: Sefer Tzurat ha-Aretz, astronomical treatise by Abraham bar Hiya Hasefardi.

XVII: f. 162-167v: Sefer ha-Asfera u-Ve’ur Igulav. Hebrew paraphrase of Tractatus de sphaera by Johannes de Sacrobosco.

XVIII: f. 168: Mishpat ha-Sheva Aqlimim, metereological treatise.

XIX: f. 169r-172r: Hebrew translation of the first book of Aristotle’s De causis by Judah bar Moses Romano.

XX: f. 172r-177r: Sefer Mesharet Mosheh, apology and vindication of Moses Maimonides’ theory on divine providence by Kalonymus ben Kalonymus (14th century) with annotations in the margin.

XXI: f. 177-180v: Commentary on the precepts for the Sabbath by Moses ben Shabtai.

XXII: f. 181r-183v: Sefer Keter Shem Tov, mystical treatise on the Tetragrammaton and the ten sefirot by Abraham ben Alexander of Cologne (13th century) with annotations in the margin.

XXIII: f. 184-191v: Sefer Ruah Hen, explanation of philosophical terminology used in the book Moreh Nevukhim by Moses Maimonides, ascribed to Zerahyah Halevi of Anatolia or Judah Ibn Tibon.

XXIV: f. 192: Arugat ha-Mezimah u-Fardes ha-Hokhmah, treatise on the immortality of the soul by Abraham Ibn Ezra.

XXV: f. 193-194r, 195: Several mystical and philosophical annotations.

XXVI: f. 196r-202v: Abridged abstracts from philosophical treatises by Aristotle, Porphyrius and unnamed scholars.

XXVII: f. 211r-231v: Several arithmetical and algebraic treatises with annotations.

XXVIII: f. 232r-239v: Commentary on the Shemonah Peraqim of Moses Maimonides.

XXIX: Non-existent in the Fuks catalogue.

XXX: f. 240r-241v: Hebrew-Latin glossary.

XXXI: f. 242r-243v: Aramaic version of the Sayings of Ben Sira.

XXXII: f. 244: Letter of Aristotle to Alexander the Great on ethics and statesmanship.

XXXIII: f. 245r-251r: Abstract from Sefer ha-Tzeruf, kabbalistic treatise by Abraham Abulafia.

XXXIV: f. 251v: Annotations on kabbalistic terminology.

XXXV: f. 252r-254r: Hebrew-Latin glossary on Moses Maimonides’ Moreh Nevukhim.

XXXVI: f. 254v-255v: Kabbalistic  explanations of Jewish precepts by Menahem ben Benjamin of Ricanati.

XXXVII: f. 256r-266v: Several short kabbalistic treatises.

XXXVIII: f. 267r-273v, 275r-282v, 287r-290v, Several unfinished kabbalistic treatises among which Perush Yeriah Qetanah on the sefirot by Moses de Leon and a treatise of David Kimhi.

Hebrew, and some Latin / Paper and vellum (ff. 243-265) / Approximately 14,6 x 10,4 cm. / [290] ff. / Italian cursive writing in several sizes, some 15th cent. current writing / f. 124 and 125 written in different hand / Annotations in the margins in the hand of the copyist and in a later hand / Some titles written on top of the pages / Several astronomical drawings.

Fuks 411.