EH 47 E 25


Italian Rite
Sidur and Mahzor

Daily prayers according to the Italian rite.

Daily prayers according to the Italian rite, late 15th century copy.

Ownership inscription on the first vellum fly-leaf:

”זה הספר הוא של כמ″ר רפאל ן′ דנה פה מנטובה שנת ת″כ לפ″ק“ (1660

On f. 221v illegible signature of a censor; on f. 22r several illegible ownership inscriptions.


f. 1r-145v: Prayers.

f. 146r-178r: Sayings of the Fathers.

f. 178v-219v: Prayers for Sukkot.

f. 219v-221v: Liturgical poetry.

Hebrew / Vellum / 7,9 x 5,6 cm. / [2] + 222 ff. / Vocalised Sephardic square writing in several sizes / On f. 1r, 20r, 35r, 39r, 44r, 51v, 62r, 81r, 101v, 103v, 120v, 123v illuminated initials / Several decorations in red ink throughout the text / Catchwords at the end of each quire of 4 ff. / No title.

Fuks 87.