EH 47 E 42


Belles Lettres
Riddles and Epitaphs

Epitaphs collected and partly composed by David Franco Mendes.

[העתקי כתובות על מצבות שאסף דוד פראנקו מינדיס.]

Epitaphs collected and partly composed between 1704 and 1791 by David Franco Mendes, copied by David Henriques de Castro. Holland, about 1860.

The epitaphs are copied from the original manuscript which now reposes in the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana (Cf. Cat. Ros. nr. 445) and which was formerly in the possession of the copyist (Cf. Catalogue de Castro nr. 478, p. 48).


f. 1: List of names and dates of death.

f. 2: Epitaph with Portuguese title: “Sepultura/ da Bemaventurada/ Umilde e cauritiva/ Madona Simcha Mulher/ que foi de Abraham de/ Fonseca falecida em 20/ de Veadar Anno 5464”: Grave of the blessed, humble and charitable Simcha, Abraham de Fonseca’s wife, who died on 20 Adar 5464 (1704).

f. 3: Epitaph with Portuguese title: “Sepultura/ que preparou em/ sua vida Abraham/ de Fonseca faleceo/ em 7 de Nissan anno/ 5471 sua alma/ goze da Gloria”: Grave prepared by Abraham de Fonseca, who died on 7 Nissan 5471 (1711). May his soul enjoy the Glory.

f. 4-18: Hebrew text.

f. 19-26: Dutch text.


Text in Hebrew with some parts in Dutch and annotations in Portuguese / Paper / 25 loose ll. of 16,9 x 10,7 cm. / Variety of lines to a page / Square unvocalised and current writing / No title / Cardboard cover.

Fuks 322. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.