EH 47 E 49


Belles Lettres
Satire and Parody

Purim parodies by David Raphael ben Abraham Pulido.

ספר פורים/ צוואה והשכבה/ של המן בן המדתא ובניו צוררים/ היהודים:/ חברו ויסדו היקר נשא מעלה/ המשכיל כה″ר דוד רפאל/ בכ″ר החכם אברהם פולידו/ ז″ל, שנת באמתך הצמיתם:/ פה ליוורנו יע″א.

Purim parodies by David Raphael b. Abraham Pulido, Leghorn 1703.

At the end a printed Purim parody in Spanish is added with a written title: Micamoca/ Burlesca/ compuesto por Joseph/ Benjaes de/ Constantina; and a dedication by the author to Manuel de Belmonte in The Hague (d. 1705). The manuscript was probably copied by Abraham da Costa Abendana in Amsterdam, at the beginning of the 18th century.

Hebrew / Paper / 14,6 x 9,7 cm. / 51 pp. (last 11 ff. blank and ff. 41, 42 are missing) / Neat Sephardic cursive writing with square headings / Title written in drawn and coloured decorative frame.

Fuks 307. Kaplan 119.