EH 48 A 03


Registers and Records

Collection of historical documents, 17th-19th century.


[p. 1-5] I: Declaration by the Elders of the Sephardic congregation of Livorno concerning the rights of inheritance of Elião Montalto’s estate in favour of the descendants of Raphael Meldola of Amsterdam. Signed Livorno, January 12th 1756 by Salamone Aghib, Jacob Bassano and Joseph Rephael Soares. The first leaf bears the seal of the city of Livorno. Text in Spanish and some Italian.

[p. 9-10] II: Notes on the history of the Jews in Bordeaux. Signed by E. Gauthieu, archivist. April 28th, 1879. Text in French.

[p. 13-23] III: Annotations on the position of the Jews in several countries, Dutch, late 7th century hand.

[p. 25-29] IV: Dutch translation of an Italian decree of Silvester Valerio, Doge of Venice of January 30th, 1699 prolonging the settlement of Jews in the city for ten years.

Nrs. I and IV were purchased from the collection of D. Henriques de Castro in 1899, cf. Catalogue de Castro, nrs. 561 and 562.

Text with some parts in Portuguese, Italian and Dutch / Paper / I: 2 ff. of 29,6 x 19,8 cm.; II: 1 f. of 32,7 x 21,1 cm.; III: 5 ff. of 32,5 x 19,8 cm. (text written in 2 columns); IV: 2 ff. of 31,7 x 19,8 cm. / Variety of lines to a page / Various current hands / Bound together in 19th century half-vellum binding.

Fuks 392. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.