EH 48 A 27



Noticias y relaciones historicas ...

Noticias y relaciones historicas, donde se relata lo susedico, desde que crio Dios el mundo, hasta muerte de muestro Maestro y Gran Propheto Mosseh Capitan General del Pueblo de Israel […] Todo sacado de los mejores authores, y ajuntado con mucho trabajo y tiempo y puesto en orden por Ishack Fundam, Amsterdam. 1767.

Notes and historical accounts in which is reported what happened since God created the world until the death of our master and great prophet Moses, Captain of the People of Ysrael. They were compiled from the best authors through much labour and time and arranged by Ishack Fundam, Amsterdam.

Noticias y relaciones historicas contains the paraphrased first part of Genesis, and may well be a collection of records containing the teachings of Chief Rabbi Selomoh Salem (1718-1781), whose name is mentioned on p. IV of the manuscript. Unfortunately, that page is extremely difficult to decipher, due to leaching ink. From p.1 onwards the text is quite readable again, until p.249, when the script starts deteriorating again.


p. I: Title.

p. II: blank.

p. III: Prologue to the reader.

p. IV: Dedication to Haham Selomoh Salem.

p. 1-314: Text in Latin.

p. 315-318: Indices.

p. 319-320: blank.

p. 321-337: Text in Latin.

Spanish and some Latin (pp.321-337) / Paper / 32,5 x 20,1 cm. / IV, 337 pp.

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.