EH 48 B 05


Against Christianity

Respuesta Apologetica

Polemical commentary on Alonso de Cepeda’s Defensa de los testimonios y doctrinas de Raymundo Lulio by Isaac Orobio de Castro, written by Abraham Machorro, Amsterdam 1703.

Respuesta Apologetica al Libro que escrivio Don / Alonso de Cepeda, que intitulô Defensa de los / testimonios y Doctrina de Raymundo Lulio, / Por el Doctor / Ishac Orobio de Castro, Cathedratico de Metaphisica, / y Medicina, en las Universidades de Alcalâ y Sevilla. / Medico de Camara del Duque de Medina celi, y dela / Familia de Borgoña, del Rey Phelipe Quarto. Medico Professor, y / consejero del Rey de Francia en la Insigne Universidad / de Tolosa, [erased: y su Consejero al honorem] etc. Año 1663: / Sacado fiel, y correctamente de su / Original, y corregido con todo cuy- / dado, por Abraham Machorro / en / Amsterdam a 10: Henero de 1703.


p. [1]: Title page.

p. [3-8]: Table of contents.

p. 1-20: “Respuesta/ A una Persona, que dudava, sí el Libro de Raymundo/ Lulio, nuevamente traduzido, y comentado, era inteligible,/ y si concluian sus Discursos./ Por/ el Doctor Ishac Orobio de Castro, Cathedratico de/ Prima, de las Universidades, de Alcalâ, y Tolosa. &.ª”.

p. 21-29: “Respuesta Apologetica, al Libro, que escrivio d.n Alonso de/ Zepeda, que intitulo. Defensa de los términos, y Doctrina de/ Raymundo Lulio./ Prólogo que refiere el prinsipio desta disputa y el motibo desta respuesta”. Prologues.

p. 29-211: Text.

This manuscript begins with a “Respuesta a una persona que dudava sí el libro de Raymundo Lulio…”, which is not included in the table of contents. It is a letter to Lorenzo Escudero, a Spanish actor who had adhered to Judaism in Amsterdam. Escudero knew Don Alonso de Cepeda in Brussels, who lent him an exemplar of his Spanish translation of Ramon Llull’s Arbor Scientiæ (Brussels, 1663) in the hope of persuading him to return to Christianity. Escudero told Cepeda that he knew someone in Amsterdam who would be able to controvert Lull’s arguments. This person was Oróbio de Castro. This “Respuesta” focuses in particular on Lull’s argumentation on the existence of the Trinity. After Orobio’s work came to the attention of Cepeda, the latter wrote a detailed reply which he published in Brussels in 1666 under the title Defensa de los términos y Doctrina de Raimundo Lulio. In this work, Cepeda accuses Orobio of misunderstanding Lull’s thought.
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The main text, “Respuesta Apologetica al libro…” is an apologetic response to Cepeda’s work, in which Orobio clarifies his criticisms against Arbor Scientiæ and replies to Cepeda’s arguments.

Of this work which is not mentioned in Kayserling, Bibliotheca, other copies repose in this collection: EH 48 A 12, EH 48 C 12, EH 48 E 42, EH 48 D 6. The scribe also copied some other works of the same author: EH 48 B 13, EH 48 C 4 et passim.

Text in Spanish with some Latin quotations / Paper / 26,4 x 20,1 cm. / [12] + 211 + [1] pp. (first 4 pp. and last page blank) / 27-29 lines to a page / Current writing / Catchwords at the bottom of each page / Contemporary leather binding with gold-tooled spine.

Fuks 237. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.