EH 48 B 11



Keset Jeonathan.

Collection of several treatises, Holland, 18th century.


I: p. 1-54: Keset Jeonathan, polemical treatise by Jan Richen alias Jonathan Ger, translated from the Dutch original into Portuguese by Samuel Abaz. Amsterdam, 1665. Preface by Samuel Abaz (p. 1). text in Portuguese.

II: p. 1-3: Portuguese introduction to a Dutch ethical-polemical work.

p. 4: blank.

p. 5-160: Dutch treatise to prove from Scripture that Israel was chosen among the nations, written by an anonymous author.

p. 161: Portuguese epilogue.

p. 162-164: blank.

III: p. I: Title: Discurso Contra los deffençores da / La Trinidad. Polemical treatise against the Trinity writen by Judah Carmy and translated from the Italian into Spanish by his disciple Samuel Abaz.

p. II-IV: blank.

p. 1-35: Spanish text.

p. 36-59: Addendum in Portuguese: Contra a Trinidade (Against the Trinity).

p. 59-65: Summary in Spanish: En trez puntos consiste la fee de la Trinidad, que los adversarios pretenden sustentar (The faith of the Trinity is based on three arguments, which are supported by the adversaries).

IV: p. 1-82: Collection of 200 contradictions which occur in the New Testament. Text in French.

V: p. 1-20: Portuguese theological treatise by Moses Raphael d’Aguilar: Tratado da Immortalidade da Alma.

VI: p. 1-11: Anonymous letter to the Parnassim and Gabay of the Sephardic congregation of Naarden concerning a conflict between the Hazzan and three Parnassim. Text in Spanish.

VII: p. 1-73: Portuguese translation of IV.

Belonged to the collection of D.H. de Castro and was purchased in 1899 (cf. Cat. de Castro nr. 515, p. 55).


Portuguese, Spanish, French and Dutch / Paper / 26,8 x 21,2 cm. / Seven parts, I: 54, II:161, III: 65 (1 l. blank), IV: 82 (1 l. blank), V: 20 (2 ll. blank), VI: 11 (2 ll. blank), VII: 73 pp. / 23 lines to a page / Very neat small cursive writing of the18th century / Catchwords at the bottom of each page / / Nineteenth-century half-leather binding.

Fuks 449. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.