EH 48 D 44


Against Christianity

Emunat Hakhamim

אמונת חכמים.

Polemical work by Eliau Monteyro. Holland, ab. 1720.


f. 1: Hebrew introduction.

f. 2: Portuguese introduction with the mention: “Feyto por Eliau Monteyro” (made by Eliau Monteyro). The author introduces his main arguments: the defence of the Law given by God to Moses in Mount Sinai, the refutation of heretical arguments and the affirmation of the unique God.

f. 3r-74v: Text.

Bequeathed by Rabbi Jacob Ferares of The Hague in 1885.

Portuguese and some Hebrew / Paper / 19,6 x 15,9 cm. / 74 ff. (first 2 and last 3 ll. blank) / Variety of lines to a page / Current Iberian and square unvocalised writing (autograph?) / No titlepage / Hebrew running title on top of each page / 18th century half-leather binding.

Fuks 209. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.