EH 48 E 62



Second part of the responsa of Isaac ben Jacob Sasportas.

Consultas/ de Ishack hijo del/ eminentissimo Señor/ H.H. Morenu verabenu/ Jahacob Sasportas,/ de Glorioza Memoria/ en Español y Portuguez/ Amsterdam 5482/ Segunda parte.


f. [1r]: Title page.

f. [1v]-[2r]: Index.

f. 1r-37v: Text in Spanish.

f. 38r-79v: Text in Portuguese.

Responsa to eight questions concerning ritual matters. The first three questions are written in Spanish and the last five ones in Portuguese.

In the opening: A question on the permissibility of carrying a watch on Shabbat. Amsterdam, 1722.

Second part of Consultas y otras obras en español y portuguez (y hebraico) desde el año 5466-5482 (1706-1722), a manuscript in 2 volumes belonging to the collection of Isaac da Costa that was sold in public auction in Amsterdam, 1861 (cf. Cat. da Costa, p. 106, nr. 2596). Moses Bensabat Amzalak bought this second part later in Lisbon and published it (“Um manuscrito inédito de Isaac Sasportas rabino de Amsterdam no século XVIII”, Revista de Estudos Hebraicos, I, Lisbon, 1928). The first part must have been lost between 1861 and 1928. In 1966 the Ets Haim library purchased the manuscript of the second part.

Spanish, Portuguese, and some Hebrew quotations / Paper / [2]+78 ff. / Current writing and some Sephardic cursive (probably autogr.).

Fuks 77. Kaplan 55. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.