EH 49 A 02A



Zeevaartswoordenboek. Dictionary of maritime terms by David Franco Mendes.

Nieuw/ Zeevaarts/ woordenboek/ met de uitlegging van/ dien, in de/ NeederDuytsche,/ Fransche, Spaansche/ & Portugeesche Taalen./ In ‘t Ligt gebragt door/ David Franco Mendes/ Beëedigd Translateur.

Dictionary of maritime terms by David Franco Mendes. Amsterdam. About 1780. The terms in Dutch are in alphabetical order and alongside them appear the French, Portuguese and Spanish translations. The many drawings and illustrations help to clarify the terms.


f. 2r: Title page.

f. 3r-232v: Text.

Another version in French reposes in this collection: EH 49 A 02B.

Purchased from the collection of D. Henriques de Castro in 1899.

Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese / Paper / 31,3 x 19,4 cm. / [234] ff. / Current writing (autograph) / Text illustrated with drawings and engravings, cut out and pasted upon the pp. / Contemporary vellum binding with faded title written on the front.

Fuks 447. (Kaplan 175). Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.