EH 49 A 21



Printed copy of halakhic novellae by Aharon Hirsch Göttingen

Halberstadt, 19th century.

Novellae on the tractates of Beitza, Berakhot, Shabat, Pesahim, Baba Metzia, Sanhedrin, Shevu‘ot, Avodah Zarah, Hullin, Baba Batra, Kidushin, and Tur Orah Hayyim by Aharon Hirsch Göttingen (1783-1842), rabbi of Halberstadt, copied by the sofer of the Halberstadt kehille, Josef Petuchowski (1844?-1923).

A reproduction of the manuscript was made by the rabbanim and parnassim of the congregation Adass Jisroel in Berlin, in honour of Dr. Emil Hirsch (1870, Halberstadt – 1938, Amsterdam), “parnas and leader of our community”. On top of the first page the heading: “לזכרון ידידות נאמנה והוקרה רבה”. Berlin, Adar II 1938.

Hebrew / Paper / 31,1 x 24,4 cm. / 303 ff. (verso sides are blank) / ca. 36 lines to a page / Neat, Sephardic cursive handwriting, with some square headings / No title.