EH 49 B 03


Against Christianity

Polemical treatise by Saul Levi Morteira, copied by Samuel Mendes Serano

Amsterdam, 1664.

Objecciones con que el / Cinience Injustamente / calunia al Talmud: y la Repuesta y absolucion / dellas: hecha por el docto / Sr H. Saul Levy Mortera, en / Amsterdam en el año 5406.


p. 1: Title.

p. 2, 7-10, 14, 150: blank.

p. 3-6: Index of the objections: “Tabla de las objecciones del Siniençe”.

p. 11-13: Spanish poem by Mosseh Belmonte, Inc.: “Si es de las cauzas el causador Primero”; exc.: “Ymagines de palo que laboran”. On p. 13 another short Spanish poem in a later hand. At the end of the page note about the copy “Trasladado Por Semuel Mendez a declaração Dos Mahamarim do Talmud composto por Sr. H.H. Saul aLeui, De feliçe Memoria a[nno] 5424”.

p. 15-148: Text.

p. 148: Colophon: “Copiado por my Semuel Mendes Serano Em Amsterdam o livro da declaração dos Mahamarim do Talmud que os Chris[tãos] Tirão sua verdade Anno 5424”.

p. 149: Some short Hebrew annotations in a later Sephardic cursive hand.

Of the work written in 1646 and directed against the Italian convert Sixtus of Siena (16th century), several other copies repose in this and other European collections, cf. Kayserling, Bibliotheca, pp.74, 75 and EH 48 B 16, EH 48 D 40 et passim. The poem can also be found in EH 48 B 16 with a different ending. See also 48 C 20.

Belonged to the collection of David Montezinos.

Spanish with Hebrew quotations / Paper / 21,8 x 16,8 cm. / [75] ff. / 30 lines to a page / Neat italic writing / Catchwords at the bottom of each page / Contemporary blind-tooled vellum binding.

Fuks 231. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.