EH 49 B 18



Sermons for the Sabbath days of the year by Jacob de Meza. Amsterdam, 1797-1799

Sermons recited by Jahacob de Selomoh de Meza in Amsterdam in the “Santa Irmandade” Ets Haim between 5558 and 5559 (1797-1798).

Kayserling, Bibliotheca, p.71.

Portuguese, with numerous Hebrew quotations / Paper / 15,8 x 10,1 cm. / 129 ff. / ca. 29 lines to a page / Current and medieval Sephardic cursive writing (autograph) / No title / Damaged gold-tooled, 18th century leather binding / At the end of each sermon is a subscription where the maker and date are mentioned: “Recitado Por Jahacob De Selomoh De Meza Na Santa Irmandade De ‫ידרך ענוים ‬ Em Amsterdam Anno 5558/9” [Recited by Jahacob de Selomoh de Meza at the holy brotherhood of ‫ידרך ענוים ‬  in Amsterdam, in 1797/8/9].

Not in Fuks. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.