EH 49 B 24A


Belles Lettres

Gut Purim, gut Purim.

גוט פורים גוט פורים רבותי לעבען.

Purim song. [Amsterdam, late 19th century]

This Purim song begins with the traditional title “Gut Purim, gut Purim”. Each of the twenty strophes contains 8 lines, that make up a rhyme scheme of ababcdcd. In it the story of Megillat Ester is related , starting with the conflict between Haman and Mordecai, and ending with the hanging of Zeresh.

The manuscript belonged to the collection of David Montezinos, once librarian of Ets Haim Library.

Yiddish / Paper / 27,2 x 21,1 cm. / [2] ff. / Ashkenazic cursive writing / Modern paper cover.

Description derived from Evi Michels’ "Jiddische Handschriften der Niederlande" , Leiden 2013, pp. 388-390.