EH 47 B 28



Zekher rav

[זכר רב, מפתח ומראה מקום של נושאים לפי סדר א‘ב‘ מכל הש″ס בבלי וירושלמי וכל מדרשי חז″ל מאת משה רפאל די אגילאר.]

Systematical index on the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud and the midrashim in alphabetical order by Moses Raphael d’Aguilar (d. 1679), 17th century.

This work is mentioned for the first time by Shabtay Bas in his bibliographical work Shifte yeshenim, Amsterdam 1680, p. 22, nr. 17; David Franco Mendes mentions it in his biography of the author, Rabbi of the Sephardic congregation in Amsterdam, in: Hameasef, Tishri and Heshvan 1784, resp. p. 66 and 46 sqq., but without information on its location.

Hebrew / Paper / 22,1 x 16, cm. / 369 ff. (f. 1 missing) / Written in 4 columns of 37-39 lines to a page / Sephardic cursive writing with square headings (autograph) / No title.

Fuks 57