EH 47 D 10



Collection of Misscellaneous writings

North-Africa, 17th and 18th century.


I: f. 1r-26v: Sefer Derekh Yesharah, prayers for travellers and kabalistic prescriptions by Isaac Luria, Elieser Rokah, Moses ben Nahman a.o.; beginning is missing.

II: f. 27r-43v: Sefer Lekah Tov, Jewish catechism by Abraham ben Hananyah Jagel.

f. 44: Kabbalistic annotations.

III: f. 45r-82v: Dietary laws according to the rites of Fez.

f. 83: Novellae by Abraham Tabah.

IV: f. 84r-87v: Prayers for the Feast of Tabernacle and Passover, on f. 87v, is written:

עד כאן רמזים של פסח אני הכותב הבאתים מעיר טיטואן ואמרו לי משם החכם השלם כמוהר″ר יצחק צרפתי זלה″ה ע″ה שלמה בן הר‘ שלום [בן משה בן צור] זלה″ה ס″ט.“

V: f. 88r-153v: Prayers ancl religious poetry.

f. 154r-155v: Liturgical poetry to ask for rain Joseph Sarphati, Jacob Halevi and Israel bar Moses.

VI: f. 156r-193v: Et Sofer, collection of examples for contracts according to rabbinical law.

VII: f. 194r-195v: Metereological annotations ascribed to Isaac Ashkenazi.

VIII: f. 196r-206v: Ladino version of Toledot Yeshu ha-Notzri:

Colophon on f. 206v:

פין די לה איסטורייה די נאסימיינטו די ישו″ז טראדוזידו אין נומברי די נואיסטרו רבן יוחנן בן זכאי.”

IX: f. 207r-209v: Precepts for the washing of the deceased.

II was published for the first time in Venice, c. 1595. Copies of III and VI formerly reposed in the Royal Library in Berlin.

Bequeathed by Rabbi Jacob Ferares of the Hague in 1885.

Hebrew / Paper / 13,7 x 8,6 cm. / [209] ff. / Variety of lines to a page / Several Sephardic cursive and North-African cursive hands / Some parts in square unvocalised writing / No titles.

Fuks 426