EH 47 D 37


Against Heterodox Currents in Judaism
Against Sabbatianism

Copies of documents directed against Moses Hayim Luzzatto.

כתיבות נגד ר″מ לוצאטו.

Copies of documents directed against Moses Hayim Luzzatto, 18th century.


f. 1r-3v: Abstracts from the excommunication of Luzzatto signed by the Venetian rabbis Joseph  ben Samuel Aboab, Isaac ben Asher Pacheco, Solomon ben Moses Levi Minz, Solomon ben David Altares, Solomon Zalman ben Meir of Lemberg and David ben Moses Hacohen.

f. 4r-7v: Collection of witnesses on Luzzatto’s kabbalistic teachings, dated 13-15th Marheshwan 1730, signed by Moses Menahem Merari, Gabiel ben Elieser Paduani and Jacob ben Emanuel Belilios. Letter of Yequtiel of Wilna to Rabbi Solomon Zalman ben Meir of Lemberg, dated Padova, 12 Elul 1735. Confirmation of the witness of Jacob ben Emanuel Belilios by Moses Menahem Merari.

Hebrew / Paper / 19,3 x 15,4 cm. / [7] ff. / Rabbinic cursive writing with some square headings / Title written on top of f. 1r in a different hand.

Fuks 241.