EH 47 E 02


Belles Lettres

Hebrew poetry by Samuel de Casseres and Solomon de Oliveira.

כ“ח שמיניו : / על פזמון יגדל אלהים חי : / כאשר יסד ושקל בשקל הקדש הרב“ר / שמואל די קאסריש זצ“ל : / אשר העתקתי אני דוד פראנקו / מינדיס : באמשטירדם שנת התצ“א.

Hebrew poetry by Samuel de Casseres and Solomon Oliveira. Copied by David Franco Mendes, Amsterdam 1731.

28 octaves on the song Yigdal Elohim Hai by the late Samuel Casseres. He was a scholar and scribe in the Portuguese community of Amsterdam in the 17th century and one of the heads of the Meirat Einayim Yeshiva.


f. 1: Title.

f. 2-19: Poems of 8 lines by Samuel de Casseres.

f. 20-22: Epitaphs for Samuel de Casseres by Solomon de Oliveira. Portuguese introduction dated 5421 (1661): “Sobre a sepoltura do Bem/ aventurado HH.m R: Semuel/ de Casres (autor dos Versos/ assima) Esta Gravado o epi-/ tafio seg.te O qual he feito pelo/ Devoto e Pio HH.m R. Selomo/ de Oliveyra: Amboz Pozem da/ Gloria” (fol. 20r): Over the grave of the blessed Haham R. Semuel de Casseres (author of the above verses), it is engraved the following epitaph, written by the devoted and pious Haham R. Selomo de Oliveyra. May both rest in Glory; “No Mez de Hesvan: 5421” (fol. 20v): In the month of Hesvan 5421.

f. 23-25: Poem by Solomon de Oliveira, 1675.

f. 25: Another poem by the same, 1690.

Belonged to the collection of the library Ets Haim at the end of the 19th century.

Text in Hebrew with some annotations in Portuguese / Paper / 11,1 x 8,8 cm. / [25] ff. (first and last 2 ll. blank) / Sephardic cursive writing with square headings and current writing / Title written in neatly drawn frame / Contemporary gold-tooled leather binding.

Fuks 254. Kaplan 135. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.