EH 47 E 09


Belles Lettres
Satire and Parody

Megilat Setarim | Masekhet Purim. Several Purim parodies.

מגילת סתרים/ מסכת/ פורים/ נדפס ע″י דניאל/ קורנלייו אדי″ל קינ″ד בחדש/ אדר בשנת שי″ב לפ″ק/ פה/ ויניצייה./ ציירתיו/ אף עשיתיו/ אני מיכאל די/ קאסריש.

Megilat Setarim | Masekhet Purim; several Purim parodies of the 14th century, copied by Michael de Casseres from the printed Venice edition, 1552 in Amsterdam, ab. 1770.


f.  1r: Title.

f.  1v-2r: Blank.

f.  2v: Poem for Purim by Solomon ibn Gabirol.

f. 1r-18r: Megilat Setarim by Levi b. Gershom.

f. 18v-39r: Masekhet Purim by Kalonymos b. Kalonymos.

f. 40r: Title II.

f. 40v-41v; 46v, 47v: Blank.

f. 42r-46r: Text Sefer ha-Baqbuq ha-Navi, anonymous parody.

Hebrew / Paper / 15,4 x 9,4 cm. / [2] + 47 ff. (first 2 and last 5 ll. blank) / Sephardic cursive writing with square headings / Two titles nicely drawn frames in pen-and-ink / Decorated initials and floral decorations in the text and at the end of each part / Catchwords at the bottom of each page.

Fuks 310.