EH 47 E 12


Babylonian Talmud

Masekhet Kidushin. Babylonian Talmud treatise Kidushin.

מסכת/ קידושין/ מוגה בלי/ טעיות.

Masekhet Qidushin, Babylonian Talmud treatise Qidushin, copied by Shabtai b. Benjamin Zeev Wolf of Pinczow for Zerah b. Elazar Segal, Breslau 1711.

Ownership inscriptions of front- and back fly-leaves, among others those of Israel Hertz, Judah b. David Segal of Lissa, Israel Lewin Joel of Halberstadt and Israel b. Tzvi Hertz Emden who received the book in Hlaberstadt in 1789, and Shabtai Segal.

On f. 1v copy of a part of the introduction in a later Ashkenazic cursive hand.

Hebrew and Aramaic / Paper / 12,7 x 7,6 cm. / 214 ff. / Ashkenazic cursive writing / Title written in crudely drawn frame / Catchwords at the bottom of each page.

Fuks 54.