EH 47 E 19



Collection of prayers and medieval liturgical poetry.

[קובץ תפלות ובקשות.]

Collection of prayers and medieval liturgical poetry, 15th century.


The upper lines and 3 bottom lines on each page contain verses of Ps. I-LI.

f.  1r-2r: Blank.

f.  2v-9r: Mishnayot treatise Tamid.

f.  9v-27r: Psalms.

f.  27v-29r: Pericope Haman (Ex. XVI)

f.  29v-30v: Prayer of Socrates in the version of Zerahiah b. Isaac b. Shealtiel Hen (13th


f.  31r-46v: Keter Malkhut by Solomon ibn Gabirol.

f.  47r-61v: 4 liturgical poems by Bahya b. Joseph ibn Paqoda:

I. inc.: “‘ברכי נפשי את ה”

II. inc.: “ה‘ שפתי תפתח”

III. inc.: “גם היום ידעתי והתבוננתי”

IV. inc.: “אלהי לא שאוני לעמוד לפניך”

f.  61v-63r: Liturgical poem by Moses ibn Ezra.

f.  63v-67v: 2 liturgical poems by Judah Halevi.

I. inc.: “אברך את ה‘ אשר יעצני”

II. inc.: “ה‘ שמעתי שמעך יראתי אם″”

f.  68r-89v: Several prayers and liturgical poems.

f.  89v-91v: Bible quotations.

f.  92r-95v: Prayers.

The prayer ascribed to Socrates was published for the first time in Hame’asef IV, p. 166 sqq., Königsberg 1786.

The philosophical poem Keter Malkhut appeared for the first time with Latin translation in 1618.

Hebrew / Vellum / 10,9 x 8,1 cm. / [95] ff. (end is missing) / Small square unvocalised Sephardic writing with larger square headings, last 3 ll. are vocalised / Annotations in the margins in a later Sephardic cursive hand.

Fuks 410.