EH 47 E 32


Belles Lettres

Collection of Hebrew poetry by Isaac b. Abraham Uziel.

שירי הרב כמוהר″ר יצחק עוזיאל ז″ל.

Collection of Hebrew poetry by Isaac b. Abraham Uziel (d. 1622), Amsterdam, early 17th century.

The author was born in Fez and worked there, and in Oran, as a rabbi. He came to Amsterdam, probably at the end of the year 1615, to take the position of rabbi at the Sephardic congregation of Neve Shalom, where he stayed until his death on April 1st, 1622.


f. 1r-3v: Several annotations.

f. 4r-94v: Hebrew poetry with explanations of the author.

f. [1r-18v]: Unfinished alphabetical index of the poems in a later Sephardic cursive hand.

f. [19r-36v]: Prose and poems in Arabic metre by the author.

Hebrew / Paper / 10,1 x 15,7 cm. (obl.) / 94 + [36] ff. (in the middle 24 ll. blank] / Text written in two columns / North-African cursive writing (autogr.) / Title written on the first fly-leaf in different Sephardic cursive hand / Catchwords at the end of each page.

Fuks 252.