EH 48 A 10



Anonymous rhymed Spanish paraphrase of the Pentateuch.

Holland, 18th century.

Harmonia sacra / o recupilacion historica del Pentateuco / consonada en metro suave / por un Discreto Anonymo.


f. I: Title page

f. 1: Prologue.

f. 2: Text: Harmonia Sacra.

Bequeathed by Rabbi Jacob Ferares of The Hague in 1885.

Spanish / Paper / 28,6 x 22,7 cm. / [74] ff. (first 2 and last 6 ff. blank) / 33 lines to a page / Neat current writing / Title written in engraved frame, cut out and pasted upon the page / Text written in 2 columns in ruled frames of 20,1 x 7,7 cm. / Text illustrated with engravings cut out from an illustrated Bible and pasted upon the pages / Running title on top of each page / Contemporary gold tooled leather binding with leather inscrustations, gilt-edged.


Fuks 14. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.