EH 48 A 17 01


Polemical Disputations

Dialogos entre dos Hermanos I.

Dialogos / entre / dos Hermanos / Obadia Ben Israe1 / y / Andres Antonio. / Sobre la falsedad de los Evangelios / y / verdad de la Ley de Mosseh / Primera parte. / Compuesto en Maruecos.

Anonymous polemic against Christianity in the form of a dialogue between two brothers (Obadia ben Israel and Andres Antonio), composed in Morroco, 18th century copy. The volume also contains an anonymous discourse in favour of Freemasonry, composed in Vila Franca (probably a fictitious place) in July 1761.


p. I: Title.

p. 1-2: Argumento de las obras (subject of the book). The action takes place in Morroco, where Andres Antonio, a Flemish Christian, tries to persuade his brother Bernardo Antonio (alias Obadias Ben Israel), who had converted to Judaim, to return to Christianity. However, Obadias explains the reasons why he had embraced the Jewish faith and convinces Andres Antonio about the truth of his belief.

p. 3-5: Prolego al pio lector (prologue). The author exposes his objectives: to demonstrate the falsity of the Gospels and the truth of the Jewish Law. He tells that this dialogue was inspired in a real situation that he had witnessed in Morroco.

p. 6: blank.

p. 7-153: Text: Dialogo primero. First part.

Several other copies in manuscript of this anonymous work exist with some differences in the title, cf. De Rossi BJA nr. 41, p. 30; M. Steinschneider, Catalog der hebräischen Handschriften in der Stadtbibliothek Hamburg, Hamburg 1878, nrs. 349, 350 and Kayserling, Bibliotheca, p. 41; Pascual de Gayangos, Cat. Span. Brit. Mus., I, p.8 (Add. 10, 719.)

Belonged to the collection of Ets Haim Library at the end of the 19th century.

Spanish / Paper / 30,4 x 19,2 cm. / [2]+ 295 + [1] pp. (first 8 ll. blank) / 2 parts with consecutive pagination / 21 lines to a page / Current 18th century writing / First title written in ruled and decorated frame, catchwords at the end of each page.

Fuks 249. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.