EH 48 A 26


Registers and Records
Communal Records

Libro de los acuerdos ...

[Li]BRo de los acuerdos / de la nacion y asimas Las askamot / que tiene este Kaal Kados / de Talmutora de Amsterdam / que El Dio aumente / Para se Governar Por ellas hechos / Los acuerdos en 29 Hesvan / de 5399 años […] Trasladadas por mí Abraham Israel / Zagache en 13 Sivan 5435 años. Amsterdam, 1639-1676.

Book containing the regulations as they were stipulated by the Kahal Kadosh of the Talmud Tora congregation in Amsterdam. The community was founded in 1639, when the three communities of  Bet Jacob, Neve Shalom and Bet Israel were combined in a united Spanish-Portuguese Kehille, that moved to the synagogue at the Houtgracht (today’s Waterloo square).

The book not only contains the stipulations of this new congregation, it served as a notebook in general. In it the Gabay (treasurer) kept track of donations, in especially long lists when it concerned the building of the new synagogue, for it did not take long before the community outgrew its modest housing. Other plans had to be made, and in the winter of 1670 the Sephardic community bought the grounds where the Esnoga stands today.

Between the first blank pages is an extra p. folded with design drawings of the old synagogue (dated 5400 [1640]) and the new synagogue (dated 5435 [1675]), marked as 48 A 26/c and 48 A 26/b.

Spanish / Paper / 34,9 x 23,6 cm. / 43 ff. + 2 appendices / Fluent cursive writing.

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.