EH 49 A 20



Letter by the members of the Keter Torah Yeshiva, in praise of Shabtay Tzvi.

Amsterdam, 1666.

The document is signed by Binyamin Mussaphia, Aron Sarphati, Mosseh Rephael, Ishak de Aguilar, Abraham Coen Pimentel, David Shalom de Azevedo, Mosseh Naar, Mosseh Gabai, Jacob Benveniste, Joseph Abrabanel, Mosseh Shalom de Azevedo, and David Jeuda Leon.

Bound together with:

(2): Ladino poem against Shabtay Tzvi, on the melody of יה רבון עלם [Yah Ribon Olam].

(3): Copy of the original letter to Shabtay Tzvi.

(4): id.

(5): Copy of another letter to Shabtay Tzvi, sent in the same year by society Yeshuot Meshiho.

(6): Typed letter in German from antiquarian Emil Hirsch, concerning the sale of the aforementioned letter to Shabtay Tzvi. München, 27 September 1933.

Hebrew, German and Ladino / Paper / 35 x 23,6 cm / [8] ff. / Variety of lines to a page / (Sephardic) cursive handwriting / No title / Modern paper cover.