EH 49 B 15


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Catalogue of the library of the Etz Haim Bet Midrash.

Notiçia/ Dos livros/ Feito em Amsterdam/ A 18 Adar Seni 5524/ Sendo Thezoureiro/ o Sr Selomoh Henriquez/ Ferreira.

Catalogue of the library of Bet ha-Midrash Ets Haim. Amsterdam, 1764.

Compiled during the tenure of the treasurer Selomoh Henriquez Ferreira. The list enumerates 685 Hebrew books arranged in three groups by size of volume. From page 51 on there is a list of 158 books bequeathed to the Bet ha-Midrash by Josiau de Castro de Paz in 1773.

Paper / 22,3 x 16,8 cm. / [29] ff. (last f. partly torn out) / Current writing.

Fuks 395. Kaplan 6.