EH 49 B 19


Histories and Chronicles

Chronicle on the events in the Netherlands in 1787-1788 by David Franco Mendes, Amsterdam 1788

Memorias / Succintas / da Consternação de / Nosso KK de Amsterd[a]m. / Nas Turbulações / desta Cidade e Provin / cias unidas no Anno / Prodigioza de 1787 / & a / Impençada a Felice / Tranquilidade / que a Divina Magestade / fez de Succeder a ellas. / no fim do mesmo A°.

Though the name of the author is not stated in the work, there is no doubt about its authorship. In the 19th century there even existed a Hebrew translation of the work which reposed in the library of the learned society To‘elet in Amsterdam. David Montezinos saw this translation and listed it in his bibliography of the work of Franco Mendes, cf. nr. 29.


f. [1r]: Title page.

f. [1v]: To the Reader: “Proemio”.

f. 1-16: Text.

Published with a Dutch translation by L. and R. Fuks, Een Portugese kroniek over het einde van de Patriottentijd door David Franco Mendes, in: Studia Rosenthaliana VII, 1, 1973, pp. 8-39.

Irene E. Zwiep, “An Echo of Lofty Mountains: David Franco Mendes, a European Intellectual”, Studia Rosenthaliana, vol. 35, nr. 2, 2001, pp. 285-296.

Portuguese / Paper / 18,9 x13,2 cm. / 17 ff. / Variety of lines to a page / Current writing (autograph) / Contemporary leather binding.

Fuks 349a. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.