• EH 47 B 04 08-09



    Collection of homilies by Isaac ben Eliah Cohen Belinfante. Amsterdam ab. 1770


    47 B 04 08: דרוש שדרשתי בליל התחנך ישיבת קדושה למוד התלמידים יע“א

    f. 1r-15v: Homily for the Eve of Hanukah delivered for the pious society Limud ha-Talmidim.

    47 B 04 09: סמיכות ושייכות והתייחסות למסכת כתובות עם מסכת בבא קמא

    f. 16r-25r: Halakhic homily delivered for the learned society Pilpul ha-Talmidim.

    f. 25v-26r: Hebrew poems composed for a dinner party of the pious society Pilpul ha-talmidim.

    f. 26v: Hebrew poem by Abraham Hezeqiah Basan.

    Hebrew / Paper / 20,9 x 13,4 cm. / [26] ff. / Sephardic cursive writing with square headings (autograph) / No title / Text written in frame ruled with red ink.

    Fuks 28