• EH 47 C 13


    Against Christianity

    Collection of polemical treatises and responsa, 17th century copy


    f. 1r-61v: Teshuvat ha-Minim, part of the second part of Hizuq Emunah by Isaac ben Abraham of Troki.

    f. 62r-115r: Several polemical responsa.

    f. 115v-147v: Abstracts from Sefer Nitzahon by Yomtob Lipman Mühlhausen.

    f. 148: Responsum in different handwriting.

    f. 151r-173v: Polemical responsa of David Kimhi on some of the Psalms.

    Bequeathed by Rabbi Jacob Ferares of The Hague in 1885.

    Hebrew / Paper / 19,4 x 15,1 cm. / 174 ff. (f. 1, part of f. 149 and f. 150 missing) / 25-27 lines to a page / Ashkenazic cursive writing / No title.

    Fuks 192